Track your way to permanent change.

This FREE SIMPLY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TRACKERS will help you create healthy lifestyle habits which will lead to becoming the happy, healthy, energetic, hot sexy woman, wife, and mom (maybe even grandma) you want to be

  • A meal tracker with enough space to actually track everything your eating, so you don't have to scribble in the corners and wonder later what it actually says.
  • A mood tracker so you know what days drive you to eat better and those days that totally derail you, so you can make a plan for next time.
  • A habit tracker to track the top 5 healthy lifestyle habits for 30 days.
  • Track your journey to healthy for 8 weeks to the results with your very own weekly weight tracker. Track to inspire change, not to punish.

“Michelle, I hear you say, ‘It’s the small simple steps that will get you to your goal.’ And I keep taking small simple steps. These are the step I took to lose 101.7 pounds, and I'm still going”



  • Meal Tracker for tracking your meals, includes a reminder to include balance with check boxes to show the meal includes fat, fiber and protein for blood sugar balance.
  • Healthy Habit Tracker a fridge worth sheet to keep you inspired to make the simply healthy lifestyle habits you want to create.
  • Mood Tracker with space to share what inspired the mood.
  • Weight Tracker a healthy lifestyle is about more than the number on the scale, but this data helps you make adjustments to your journey to healthy and that ahhh feeling when living in your body.

Ditch the "healthy overwhelm"! Now you can create a simple healthy lifestyle. :)

Hi, I'm Coach Michelle

... I'm the founder of the Simply Healthy Accountability Tribe a weight loss membership only for women.

It's my mission to help women lose weight by balancing hormones. So you can bust cravings, block binge eating, break plateaus and get on track and stay there.

This leads to having the energy to be a goofball with the kids, doing chores you don't want to do, so you can have the hot date with hubby.

But there is a problem with the traditional way of losing weight and achieving that paragon of a healthy lifestyle...

I ran into this issue all 3 times I lost 100+ lbs. But the last time I figured out how to "fix" it, and I have spent the last 8 years maintaining that loss and 4 years helping other women "fix" it too.

Weight loss is about more than "eat less and move more". Being Simply Healthy is about creating easily maintainable habits that lead to weight loss and feel like the warm summer sun at the beach. (Or the hiking trail while doing tree pose with your teen daughter... see her knee?)

A Simply Healthy Lifestyle is just a click away...

It's time to lose to become that healthy, active, hot, sexy woman, wife, mom/grandma you want to be!